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Hey there friend, my name is Rae.

I'm a freelance film maker and photographer serving families and small business in Fremantle, WA, and beyond. When I'm not out and about, you'll find me editing for my wonderful clients in my "forever rental", a sweet little light-filled 1913 Worker's Cottage. I start the day by making a pour-over coffee (because it's the most beautiful way to make coffee) and focus with calm Autumn Spotify playlists all day while trying to not be distracted by piles of laundry or lavish lunches.

I'm totally drawn to the whimsy of childhood and the precious moments that happen on mundane days. Families are messy and quirky, but the homes we build and the environments we create are sacred and so incredibly special. The moments fly by, and I want to gift that feeling of love and security to our future generation.

I really, really love love.

I also love small businesses and the incredible people behind them. I find myself constantly asking questions; why are they here, how does it work? who made it? why did they do it? and I find that what often comes back is an array of wonderful stories that inspire us all to keep moving and keep creating. Behind every small business is a dreamer who said this can be done differently and I want to do it. My goal as a visual storyteller is to connect the creator with people who get them, who want to join their tribe and support their venture. 


5 Things you might not know about me

  1.  Studied sociology at uni in america
  2.  Married my love at 22
  3. Grew up with a long haired chihuahua and a red-tailed black cockatoo
  4. I often forget my real name is actually Rachel
  5. Never experienced an Aussie summer until I was 19
Rae Fallon The Dailys


With no industry experience, I launched a boutique cycling components company with my father. We took a state of the art piece of technology from a small mechatronics firm in Perth, Western Australia, then designed and built a crankset and took our new product global. 

Four years into running our business, I finally took a much needed break and went on a retreat with the Insta-wonderwoman Beth Kirby of Local Milk, to learn about slow living, styling and photography. I was so incredibly lucky to learn from Beth, and to have some of my favourite and Australia's best photographers Luisa Brimble and Lean Timms at my disposal for four days to pick their brains on all things creative business. 

Halfway through the photography retreat, I had an urge to switch my camera settings from photography to film. I have never, ever looked back. 

Within a year I had moved full time into running my own creative small business, and was naturally drawn to families and other small business owners. With my experience in a startup business, I feel all the small biz feels. I know the struggle for content to keep up on social media. I know the need for a professional website and sales platform from the get go. Talk to me about branding, strategy, design, workflow - I love it all! I even love the book keeping and systems side of business (shhh, don't tell anyone!). 

But for now, I've fallen hard for beautiful honest content, for visual storytelling. I believe good businesses and good products deserve to be seen and noticed. I want to expose the best we have to offer by capturing the real essence of the maker behind it. I think we can capture families so much more authentically and beautifully than we do, and I want to tell stories that matter about people who are doing their very best in this world.


Rae has such a gift for creating films that tell beautiful stories. She made the whole process of creating the film easy and comfortable. I have recommended her to lots of small businesses who have something to share with the world. Thanks Rae for doing what you do!


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Photo by Wesley Anderson


Love love love! Both the video and the photos were simply stunning. Every little detail was thought of, who knew something so simple as our morning routine could be shown so beautifully. Rae put us both at ease and we couldn't have been more comfortable having her in our home.

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