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Simone Nabholz runs a beautiful light filled ceramics studio out of Stackwood in Fremantle, WA. After leaving her successful career as a graphic designer due to burnout, Simone needed something that was grounding and nourishing. 

I made a film that shared her story and love of ceramics. After making that first film, Simone's orders were picking up, she was running more and more workshops, and her small little kiln couldn't keep up. She then ran a Pozible Campaign to fundraise for her new kiln and successfully raised the money she needed, and more!

Since then, we've done photoshops of her making and workshops, and made a film to tell the story of making her candle. I love working with Sim in her gorgeous studio!


Pozible Campaign Films

Handmade Ceramics

Mindful Making

Summer Evening Candle Film