Rae Fallon - Winterwares
Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.
— Seth Godin

Short social media films tell the story of why you started your business, what motivates you to keep going, and how it is you do what you do so wonderfully. Social media films are engaging, sharable and are used by 61% of businesses for marketing (Hootsuite). Telling your story has become more important than ever, and your audience has never been more ready to hear it.



It doesn't take long in the studio with Simone to feel the pace of your day slow down. You're mesmerised by the movement, captivated by this incredible process by which a ball of clay becomes a vase, a mug, a bowl. From the first day I met Simone, I wanted to film her creative ritual and share the beauty of Winterwares with the world.

I hope you can now see why.

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The Woodfired Baker

Andrew Ritchie renovated a century old wood fired oven to bake organic sourdough bread in Maylands, Western Australia. The loaves are the wonderful result of a lengthy process in a sweltering hot little bakery, where everything is done the old way, even down to grinding and making their own yeast. 


Annabelle Williams Papercut Artist

Primary school teacher Annabelle Williams taught herself the art of paper cut during her maternity leave, and hasn't looked back since. There's no better way to describe her artwork than "daydreams". These maps tells stories of friendships, love, and places we call home. They encompass all your favourite places, and remind you of happy days. I found myself staring for minutes at a time at her pieces, finding new little quirks in each corner, never feeling like you could see it all.

We filmed over the course of a week to capture the whole process and I couldn't have enjoyed my time with her more.

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Sue Lewis Chocolatier

I am such a fan of talented, driven and hard working women. They will always have my business. Combine that bold female charisma (and hilarious dry humour) with chocolate, and I'm a lifetime customer. Sue is ridiculously humble when it comes to her fabulous chocolate (even after being named one of the top 8 chocolate shops in the world), and she's lucky enough to be in one of the Perth's most beautiful historic buildings. If this doesn't make your mouth water, I'm not sure what will.

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Life Cykel Mushrooms

Julian is as innovative and entrepreneurial as they come. Together with his business partner, he figured out how to recycle coffee grounds and grow delicious oyster mushrooms. You can get one of their boxes, water it for a while, and boom! Fresh oyster mushrooms for your meal! Together with Ines Pandzic we filmed (and ate!) the most incredible, fresh mushroom toast with sage and butter. Enjoy!

Spring Valley Orchard

After suffering for many years in the smoggy cities of south east Asia, Geoff & Diane decided to head for the country. They bought an orchard, planted a summer veggie garden, and got to work. And work they do! Diane loves to teach about organic food, where it comes from, how to grow it, how to cook it. Spending a few days with them was inspirational, and after learning about and tasting fresh apples you'll never go back!