Brand Stories

Your story is as unique as you are, and your audience wants to hear it. I work with small businesses, makers, local brands, creatives, and change-makers like you to create beautiful films and photographs that connect you to your audience and build your brand identity.  


Brand Films

Film is an increasingly essential part of social media. It's real and honest, telling your story in a quick and memorable way that photos just can't. 

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Whether you're launching your new brand, want to share about a product, or just want to communicate your business values, your clients want to hear from you. They want to connect to you and your story, and believe in what you're offering. 

Films have a unique way of helping us connect. They're raw, emotional, and they draw us in to feel closer. 

I work with you from start to finish, from dreaming up the ideas, finding the right team if necessary, to delivering and helping you share your final film.

Rae has such a gift for creating films that tell beautiful stories. She made the whole process of creating the film easy and comfortable. I have recommended her to lots of small businesses who have something to share with the world. Thanks Rae for doing what you do!
— Simone Nabholz, Winterwares


A strong brand needs consistent and beautiful social media content, website imagery and product photos

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For Pekho: Ware & Wares

Taking the right photos for your brand has a lot to do with understanding who you are and what your brand is. Those core values connect us to your clients, who need to resonate with the imagery we're producing together. 

Knowing what works on your social media, or testing a range of shots and styles, will help us create the perfect content that works for your brand. I focus on making beautiful content that converts.

She not only takes beautiful photos but takes the time to REALLY listen, she wants to hear the story of you and your business so she can capture the kind of imagery you truly want and reflects the story you wish to portray, and that is because Rae is not just about taking wonderful imagery (which she does) but also telling meaningful stories of people, families and businesses through those images and films.


Collaborating with the talented Recipe Developer and Food Stylist Kate Flower Food, we create beautiful one minute recipe films for your brand.

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I have loved spending time working beside Kate Flower Food to film and photograph beautiful quality food products and brands, as we are both so passionate about the storytelling behind brands and products. Together we are now offering a range of food film packages to capture your unique product, story and brand position. Kate will develop a bespoke recipe and style for your film which will be made into a beautiful, emotive film.

The packages of recipe films are a perfect addition to your marketing strategy across Social Media, for Direct Email or to bring your website to life.