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Spring Valley Orchard

The Subi Farmers Market sources the best vegetable growers from around WA. Spring Valley Orchard are one of the oldest vendors at the market. The farm was originally an orchard, but over the years Diana and Geoff have planted a beautiful market garden that sustains their business through the summer months and produces the most beautiful, completely spray free and naturally organic vegetables. Here's Diane's quick recipe for a Summer Kraut Salad.


The talented ladies at Stackwood hosted their first Made Local Market, with over 25 beautiful stall holders selling hand made goods. Amy and Sarah organised delicious food vans to feed the crowds while Joel Barker played some sweet tunes - it was just such a lovely evening. 

Natural Dyeing Eggs - for Country Style

I love Easter. I think it's the most joyful holiday of the year, and because it's not tainted by excessive consumerism (yet) I think it's the most enjoyable too. It's an excuse for family time, great food, and tasteful crafting. 

Laterite Ridge Free Range

Mat bought land 149km out of Perth, Western Australia, with basically nothing on it. Over the past ten years he's planted an olive grove, an organic garden, and houses free range chickens. Mostly run off volunteers, Mat's eggs sell out at the farmers market before most of us have got out of bed in the morning. They're just that good.

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Sue Lewis Chocolatier

I am such a fan of talented, driven and hard working women. They will always have my business. Combine that bold female charisma (and hilarious dry humour) with chocolate, and I'm a lifetime customer. Sue is ridiculously humble when it comes to her fabulous chocolate (even after being named one of the top 8 chocolate shops in the world), and she's lucky enough to be in one of the Perth's most beautiful historic buildings. If this doesn't make your mouth water, I'm not sure what will.

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Hot Cross Buns Recipe - for Country Style

I am addicted to Hot Cross Buns. For weeks leading up to Easter I eat them for breakfast, lunch...and sometimes dinner. Here we adapted Jamie Oliver's recipe for Country Style's Facebook page. Enjoy!

Local Milk

This lady here is one of a kind. She has a thing for gatherings, and makes the most delicious quiche. She is Local Milk - recipe creator, photographer, stylist, and so much more.

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Subi Farmers Market

The weekend didn't feel like it had really begun until we woke up, bright and early on a warm Saturday morning and made our way down to the Subi Farmers Market. We would head straight for the coffee, and a few sips in would be able to think clear enough to decide what breakfast would entail. Shakshuka, crumpets, corn fritters, burrito, brekky burgers, crepes, or world's best spanakopita...Yum.

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Winterwares - Pozible Campaign

Simone is eager to take Winterwares to the next level. She hosts a range of workshops which constantly sell out, and has a wonderful plan to give back by opening up "Mindful Making" days to those in need of some time out. The only problem is that her kiln is way too small to keep up with demand and host these workshops. Support Sim by contributing to her Pozible Campaign today!

Brett + Kelly

Brett + Kelly are two peas in a pod. Their love for photography, design, family and Jesus ties these two hearts together. They created a beautifully intimate day to celebrate their love and share their joy with their closest ones. I was so honoured to be part of savouring some of those precious moments for them.

Camellia Fiber Co.

With an enchanting southern accent, Rebekka is one of those people whose mere presence calms a space. She is soft and delicate, and spending time with her makes you feel so comfortable with who you are and what you believe in. You can expect consistency, and you can learn the art of being slow. 

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