weekend with the dailys • gathering and sharing

place // Moorabinda Station, New South Wales
colour // amber
sound // silence
word // replenish

A group of women signed up for a retreat in April of this year in Byron Bay, New South Wales. We  signed up for inspiration, photography practice, relaxation - for all sorts of reasons. We half expected to meet like-minded people and have an enjoyable time, but none of us would imagine that a few months down the track we'd be organising a reunion just so that we could do it all again and relive the beauty and joy we found in each others company.

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camellia fiber company • warp and weft, a weave

place // Avalon Lea, Byron Bay
colour // blush pink
sound // as sure as the sun, ellie holcomb
word // ethereal 

A small group of women gathered their baskets, borrowed an old wheelbarrow, and trudged across the Avalon Lea farm in search of flora for our fabric dyeing and weaving class. Just a step behind the wonderful Rebekka Seale of Camellia Fiber Co., we idly chatted our way into the experience of dyeing fabrics with all natural dyes made from scratch.

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