why I love family films

Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?
— Scott Turow


Memories and stories matter. The stories we tell, of who we are, of who our mothers and fathers, our siblings and our grandparents are, those are the stories that shape us. 

My desire with family films is to tell the stories that your children will tell themselves - I am loved, I belong, I am blessed

There’s something so special about hearing your loved one’s voices, and watching as they wrap you up in their arms - you, small enough to curl up and fit on their lap. 

There’s something so special about seeing your old rental house, your favourite blanket that eventually turned into nothing more than a few threads, the bowl and spoon you insisted on eating every meal from for months on end. 

I want these tiny snippets of everyday family life to be preserved. I want to capture the beauty and love within the messiness of family life. 



Film is such a powerful medium to capture who we are and how we relate to each other. 

My strongest memories as a child are linked to moments that were captured on film. 

I watched them over again and again as a child - listening to the sound of my grandma’s voice, seeing the swing set we didn’t have anymore, admiring my favourite neon outfit worn so boldly. 

I can remember my dad’s voice from behind the camera, and I saw the love in my mum’s eyes. 

As a child, those films told me over and over again that I was loved. I was part of a tribe, I belonged. As an adult, they remind me of simpler times, when dress-ups brought to life a new personality, and when the only thing worth crying about was a scraped knee. 

You see, films reveal so much more than photographs. They show touch and affection, reminding us how it felt to be held. They show more than just a smiling kid - they show the moments before and after that smile, which are just as precious. 

Films are real in a way that photographs simply cannot be; they’re not about editing or photoshopping. Where photos eventually end up on a hard drive or at the bottom of a drawer, films will be kept and watched over and over for years.

This is what I am offering families: mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandparents; a beautifully captured and edited film of life just as it was. At home, with your family, doing what you do on any normal day.  

And I’m there in the background, capturing your story. A story you and your children can tell yourselves again and again: I am loved, I belong, I am blessed.



As a film maker and photographer, I love spending time with people. I like to get to know them and learn about what makes them tick.

While filming with families, I’m often told that I disappear into the background, getting lost in the muddle of naps, toys, meals and playtime. This perfectly sums up how I prefer to work; getting to know you and your family is how I capture the perfect moments that make up your finished film.

Your family will lead our time together. If you want to stay in bed for the extra hour and play - perfect. If you want to bake a cake together - beautiful. I will disappear into the background. Your children will forget I’m even there, and you might too!

We will film at your house: whether it’s halfway through renovations or perfectly kept. You will spend the morning loving your children, enjoying them and being totally present with them. You won’t be asked to pose or give a cheesy grin to the camera; that’s just not my style.

And the result? You’ll receive a beautifully intimate short film, complete with licensed music and snippets of recorded audio that tells the story of your family as it is today. The messy and precious moments that make up your life together.

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