as we are now • the fynns

I have been dreaming up a new style of family portraiture for a little while now. I wanted to offer intimate, natural and honest films for families that are memories of a very specific time and place. They are captured in the comfort of your home, doing what you do everyday. 

The utter simplicity of this new kind of family photography is in fact why it is so stunningly beautiful. It's you and your family, perfectly imperfect. It's the messy faces, the grubby hands, the giggles and the tears. And it's filmed and edited into a beautiful film, for you and for your children to keep forever.

Incredibly, the Fynns opened up their family and their house (mid-construction and all), welcoming me in to capture their everyday. And oh my, there is so much beauty in their everyday. 

I slept over so I could start the day with the boys waking up with the sunrise. I disappeared into the background and watched as they shared breakfast together, pottered around their home, and then went to their local beach. Kurt & Tehillah spend time at the beach most days of the week, giving each other time to surf and spend time with the boys. It's a beautiful part of their routine that refreshes and revitalises them all.

This film is them - it's who they are right now as a family. I can't wait to watch it again with them years down the track as the boys marvel at the beauty of their mother and the warmth of their father. But right now, this is them, as they are now.


As we are now

I have put together a few packages for family films. There's never a bad time to make one, because what we're recording is who you are now. That may be a beautiful mess, but it's still beautiful. 

We can also capture high-res photos throughout the day, so that along with your film you have beautiful stills to print or share as you wish. Here's a handful from Kurt & Tehillah's shoot.

Films will vary in length - take a look at the full length family film of The Fynns.