naturally dyeing Easter eggs

On a moody, stormy morning this past week Laura Koens and I naturally dyed Easter eggs. 

I have wanted to dye eggs for years now, and Easter always comes and goes before I have the chance. But really, it's an incredibly simple process, and can be replicated in all sorts of glorious colours with things like onion peels, turmeric, beetroot, and like all good things it makes you slow down for a moment. 

Let yourself admire those stunning red cabbage leaves, light a candle and have a cuppa while the pot is boiling, and give yourself time to enjoy the whole process. The result is so worth it.


First, hard boil your eggs and set aside. Then boil red cabbage for 30 - 45 minutes with a dash of vinegar and sprinkle of salt. Most of the colour will drain from the cabbage and you'll have a beautiful rich blue liquid. Drain and cover the eggs in the blue liquid, then leave in the fridge. To achieve an ombre effect, start taking eggs out one at a time over the next 12 hours. Enjoy!

Ceramic bowls by Winterwares, Music Matteo Manfredi "We Meet Again", Filmed with Laura Koens.