annabelle williams • paper cut artist

place // bright white studio in fremantle, WA
colour // midnight black
sound // jess lively's podcast
word // purposeful

Annabelle was a primary school teacher at a local Fremantle school before she went on maternity leave to have her baby girl. While on leave, she would spend all her quiet time, first thing in the morning, paper cutting. 

Paper Cut Artwork
"Inspired by friends and family, love and hope, wild animals and the world around me, these paper cuts are daydreams on paper, incorporating the whimsical with the reasonable"

And there's no better way to describe her artwork than "daydreams". These maps tells stories of friendships, love, and places we call home. They encompass all your favourite places, and remind you of happy days. I found myself staring for minutes at a time at her pieces, finding new little quirks in each corner, never feeling like you could see it all.

Not only is Annabelle an incredible artist, but she has this wonderful peacefulness about her. Paper cutting is not for the fast paced. It requires poise, purpose and perfectionism. It needs you to take it slow, so you don't accidentally chop off the "H" in Henry, all the while thinking about the picture backwards. 

Filming with Annabelle was such a joy. With only the most simple of tools, we met daily for a week in a beautifully lit studio she shares with her sister to capture her process. I truly looked forward to my time with her each day - it was slow, quiet, peaceful and captivating. She's moving with her husband and bub to NYC in the next few months, and I know her artworks will be well loved wherever she travels. 

Papercut Artist Annabelle Williams

See more of her artwork on her instagram and Facebook. Her new website will be live soon!