subi farmers market • the farm comes to town

place // subiaco, west australia
colour // vibrant orange
sound // vance joy, fire and the flood
word // fresh

The weekend didn't feel like it had really begun until we woke up, bright and early on a warm Saturday morning and made our way down to the Subi Farmers Market. We would head straight for the coffee, and a few sips in would be able to think clear enough to decide what breakfast would entail. Shakshuka, crumpets, corn fritters, burrito, brekky burgers, crepes, or world's best spanakopita...Yum.

Subi Farmers Market Breakfast

After weeks of religiously spending our Saturday mornings at the markets, we developed a friendship with Abi, creator of the creamiest almond milk (that doesn't separate!). Fast forward some years, Abi very sweetly pointed in my direction when the Subi Farmers Market were looking to get some fresh filming and photography. 

Filming at the markets

It is so nice to film and photograph something you know so well and love so much. Love might seem like a strong word for a farmers market, but honestly we appreciate the quality, affordability, range and vibe that the Subi Farmers Market offers.  We learnt to appreciate and cook in season, and enjoy conversations with the farmers to learn about how they've perfected their soil and produce.

Fresh Strawberries Farmers Market
Fresh Oranges Farmers Market
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