winterwares • simple handmade ceramics

place // Stackwood, creative community warehouse
colour // almond
sound // amy winehouse
word // welcoming

Winterwares began as a pursuit of happiness. I enrolled in my first pottery class hoping I’d feel grounded and fulfilled while making something beautiful with my hands.
Handmade Ceramics Winterwares

Simone has spent the last year building up Winterwares and slowing down her life. She created a light-filled studio in Stackwood, a new creative hub in Fremantle, WA, and taught herself the art of ceramics. 

Winterwares comes from a belief that when we eat and drink from hand made vessels, we are able to appreciate the moment and find beauty in the every day. It is so evident when you spend time with Simone in her studio how much we generally take for granted the cup for our cup of tea, or the plate for our slice of bread. When you watch Sim literally spend three weeks to take a piece from start to finish, you couldn't possibly take the vessel for granted. 

One thing I love about the Winterwares studio is how much it is a family and community effort. Simone is the incredibly talented artist, but she's surrounded by a mum who spends her weekends in the studio just to make sure she can fulfil all her orders, a dad who DIY's super handy machinery to make tedious steps a little easier, and friends who stop by the studio and help out for a day here and there. The atmosphere there is always so lovely.

For all of 2016 Simone was working with a pretty tiny kiln. She kindly offered workshops throughout the year, and found that they were the perfect place to recharge and find purpose, but keeping up with the firing of her own vessels and the workshop attendees was a little too much. So together we worked on two more films to support her Pozible campaign, which raised enough to buy her a big new kiln for 2017!

I am so proud that my films helped to tell the story of Winterwares, and so grateful for the experience. There's no such thing as too much time in Sim's studio, and I'd be back there in a heartbeat.

Pozible Campaign Films

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