weekend with the dailys • gathering and sharing

Moorabinda Station with Annabelle Hickson

place // Moorabinda Station, New South Wales
colour // amber
sound // silence
word // replenish

A group of women signed up for a retreat in April of this year in Byron Bay, New South Wales. We  signed up for inspiration, photography practice, relaxation - for all sorts of reasons. We half expected to meet like-minded people and have an enjoyable time, but none of us would imagine that a few months down the track we'd be organising a reunion just so that we could do it all again and relive the beauty and joy we found in each others company.

After a flurry of emails, a 3:00am wake up call ahead of the nine hour road trip ahead of us, (and an interstate flight for a few!) we all made it to Annie's farm, right up the top of New South Wales, completed secluded with no phone service to be found. What ensued was nothing short of pure delight. 

We baked, styled, ate, laughed, and cuddled up by the fireplace. We chased wild brumbies, and sipped sparkling wine as the sun set. We filled hot water bottles to make it through the cold nights, and woke to the birds early in the mornings. 

What follows is our weekend in colour, our incredible weekend with The Dailys.


Fresh and wild. Nourishing vegetables, ready to be tossed over the fire. Foraged goods. Water tanks, sustain.


Citrus salad with warm honey, lemon and sparking wine dressing. Roasted pecans. Crackling fireplace. Dinner by candlelight.


Natural fabrics, neutral colours. Warm cups of cardamom coffee and old cast iron kettles. Crisp morning wind on straw fields.


Vintage cupboards. Floppy hats. Places to hide, create and replenish.

Luisa Brimble, an incredible food photographer, has recently been trying her hand at filming and by golly, she's nailing it. See her incredible capture of our weekend at Moorabinda Station.