local milk • the story of a galette

place // Byron Bay, New South Wales
colour // lemon chiffon
sound // from truth, dexter britain
word // harmony

I believe it is rare to meet someone who is so ambitious and motivated, yet beautifully humble and calm. I don't think you often meet someone who is so raw with emotion, so transparent and open, yet professional and dignified. Beth Kirby is one of those people.

Beth's passion to create is infectious. She opened up and shared her world with us at the Slow Living Byron retreat, and invited us to see through her lens. I saw structure and form, spontaneity and mess. I learnt to seek a perfect union of light and shadow. Learning from Beth was a treat, and working with her a delight.

A simple lesson about storytelling stayed with me from the retreat. My notebook has it recorded in three words: see, listen, create. 

This story was one of foraging on the beautiful Avalon Lea property in Bryon Bay, coming home to make a pastry crust and fill it with fresh local pears and rosemary. In the afternoon, the galette was shared on the beach between a group of friends, new and old, paired with life-sharing, memory-making conversation. 

I fell in love with the beauty of the motion, and switched from camera to film to capture the story of the galette making. Watch it below.

TRC: What is our most common mistake when it comes to baking good pasty?
Beth: I think oftentimes people overwork the pastry. You want pieces of butter...just none bigger than a pea! And keep everything cold, cold. 

If you got to choose one texture and one colour, what would it be?
Grey would be the color. Linen would be the texture.

What is your current favourite ingredient or flavour?
I can't pick one! But tea & flowers. I love cooking with tea and floral infusions. Especially Earl Grey, lavender, chamomile, rose, and honeysuckle.

Cook Beth's recipes from her blog, Local Milk. The pastry recipe can be found here, and the pears were simply rubbed in raw sugar and tossed with rosemary. 

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