the refuge co. • living the content


place // Perth, Western Australia
colour // linen white
sound // philharmonics, agnes obel
word // form

Just last week I was soaking up the last moments of the Slow Living Byron retreat, hosted by Beth Kirby from Local Milk and her team of wonderfully talented folk. We sat down for our last breakfast together, and packed up our final precious gifts into our woven market bags. Before too long, I was back home and struggling a little to keep up with my normal fast pace.

In light of all I learned last weekend, on this beautiful Anzac Day holiday I pulled out my new props, sent Shane to the store and raided the fridge. Every Saturday we buy bags of amazing mushrooms from the local farmers' markets, so I knew they'd be the base of my creation. Inspired by Aaron from Studio Neon, I picked through our greens from the markets; broccolini, string beans, courgettes. I piled them up on a plate, simple and delicious. Our fresh greens and herbs were thrown into a bowl with a simple lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing. 

Finally, I attempted something well beyond my usual kitchen repertoire. Loosely following Beth's wild mushroom, fennel and dancing fern galette, I baked fresh courgette, local mushroom and organic Tasmanian brie into my rustic galette. 

I took away a pretty important lesson from the Slow Living retreat in Byron Bay. I'm pretty sure it was said at least once, and I know I've read it on Beth's blog or instagram before. I've been repeating the mantra to myself all week.

To create good content you have to live good content.
— Beth Kirby, Local Milk

I don't always feel like I've got the time for prepping, styling, shooting, and cooking, but I am done with excuses and ready to make time for living the content. I am ready to throw myself into creative challenges, confident or not. I'm choosing to surround myself with people creating and making beauty, the salt of the earth kind of people. I'm choosing to ask permission into their lives, to capture the simple profundity of the makers. 

And in the meantime, I'm eating pie.