why I love family films

Memories and stories matter. The stories we tell, of who we are, of who our mothers and fathers, our siblings and our grandparents are, those are the stories that shape us. 

My desire with family films is to tell the stories that your children will tell themselves - I am loved, I belong, I am blessed

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naturally dyeing Easter eggs

I have wanted to dye eggs for years now, and Easter always comes and goes before I have the chance. But really, it's an incredibly simple process, and can be replicated in all sorts of glorious colours with things like onion peels, turmeric, beetroot, and like all good things it makes you slow down for a moment. 

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tiisch • street lights project

place // plant-filled cafe, Perth WA
colour // celeste
sound // chatter
word // full

Sven and Sarah run a beautiful cafe on Milligan St in the Perth CBD. It is filled with incredible greenery that hangs from the ceiling and climbs down the walls. They serve beautiful coffees and matcha lattes, and I've never, ever eaten better pancakes.

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sue lewis • chocolate extraordinaire

place // heritage state buildings
colour // red brick
sound // metal bowls clanging
word // movement

Sue's chocolatier must be one of the only in the world where I've seen an equal distribution of men and women vying for a piece of chocolate. It tastes better than any chocolate you've had before (and she's ready to prove it to you with tasting workshops) and she's constantly developing new flavours through collaborations with local breweries, distilleries and restaurants. 

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laterite ridge • small farm free range eggs

place // two hours east of perth, west australia
colour // olive green
sound // chickens buuuarrrk-ing
word // inquisitive

I visited Mat, 149km east of Perth, outside a small town called York. It's a beautiful time of year to head out east, with yellow canola fields blooming and spring flowers popping up beside the red dusty roads. I studied the map hard the night before, and pin pointed exactly where I thought I'd find this modest farm, and woke up at the crack of dawn to make it in time to feed the chickens. 

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subi farmers market • the farm comes to town

place // subiaco, west australia
colour // vibrant orange
sound // vance joy, fire and the flood
word // fresh

The weekend didn't feel like it had really begun until we woke up, bright and early on a warm Saturday morning and made our way down to the Subi Farmers Market. We would head straight for the coffee, and a few sips in would be able to think clear enough to decide what breakfast would entail. Shakshuka, crumpets, corn fritters, burrito, brekky burgers, crepes, or world's best spanakopita...Yum.

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the farm • a visit and cracking macadamias

place // Byron Bay, New South Wales
colour // slate grey
sound // together, analog heart
word // growth

In the last few months a gem of a place opened their doors and welcomed their first guests. But opening The Farm was no small feat. With a beautiful mantra to grow, feed and educate, owners Tom and Emma Lane partnered with companies like Three Blue Ducks to source and cook wonderful meals from produce grown and harvested on the 80 acre property. 

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weekend with the dailys • gathering and sharing

place // Moorabinda Station, New South Wales
colour // amber
sound // silence
word // replenish

A group of women signed up for a retreat in April of this year in Byron Bay, New South Wales. We  signed up for inspiration, photography practice, relaxation - for all sorts of reasons. We half expected to meet like-minded people and have an enjoyable time, but none of us would imagine that a few months down the track we'd be organising a reunion just so that we could do it all again and relive the beauty and joy we found in each others company.

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camellia fiber company • warp and weft, a weave

place // Avalon Lea, Byron Bay
colour // blush pink
sound // as sure as the sun, ellie holcomb
word // ethereal 

A small group of women gathered their baskets, borrowed an old wheelbarrow, and trudged across the Avalon Lea farm in search of flora for our fabric dyeing and weaving class. Just a step behind the wonderful Rebekka Seale of Camellia Fiber Co., we idly chatted our way into the experience of dyeing fabrics with all natural dyes made from scratch.

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jatana interiors • tiles by sonya

place // Federal, New South Wales
colour // kikuyu green
sound // propeller seeds, imogen heap
word // preserve

Drive up from Byron Bay, into the Hinterland. Wind up the rainforest lined roads, and find yourself in a tiny village at the top. It's lush and green and welcoming.

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local milk • the story of a galette

place // Byron Bay, New South Wales
colour // lemon chiffon
sound // from truth, dexter britain
word // harmony

I believe it is rare to meet someone who is so ambitious and motivated, yet beautifully humble and calm. I don't think you often meet someone who is so raw with emotion, so transparent and open, yet professional and dignified. Beth Kirby is one of those people.

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the refuge co. • living the content

place // Perth, Western Australia
colour // linen white
sound // philharmonics, agnes obel
word // form

Just last week I was soaking up the last moments of the Slow Living Byron retreat, hosted by Beth Kirby from Local Milk and her team of wonderfully talented folk. We sat down for our last breakfast together, and packed up our final precious gifts into our woven market bags. Before too long, I was back home and struggling a little to keep up with my normal fast pace.

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