Hey, I know you!

You're passionate about what you do, and know that you can make a difference in this world. You own your own beautiful small business and have big dreams for it. And you feel like there should be an authentic way to capture and share all that you're about...


I reckon we'd work well together.

I feel what you're feeling. Starting that business, it's hard! I know, I've done it. Curating a beautiful instagram, it's never ending! I want to help you. Making memorable, meaningful content for your brand sounds like music to your ears. And mine!

So let's combine our forces - your incredible business, my films and photos. We'll make waves.



No worries! I work with families too and am all about collaborating with wonderful people to make lasting memories, whether it's for your school, church, family, blog, or passion. Let's make some magic together! x

Ohhhh Mmmm Geee you are a talent Rae. These are seriously so great. Thank you a billion times over, there are so many images to use. I am thrilled.
— Tara Mitchell, The Gentle Sleep Specialist
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